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Done with Keyword Research – What Happen Next?

SEO is just about keywords. While it is valid that search behavior has transformed and the search engines own a better understanding about the meaning of the search (in contrast to actual keyword match), it is still about keywords. If you content involves the words and/or phrases that match up to what someone is looking for, it contains a higher likelihood of seeming the organic results.

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That has not transformed, which implies that keyword research still is the primary activity in SEO. The expert at SEO Agency in Singapore, usually makes the utilization of the tool such as Google Keyword Planner, to do research that will figure out what keywords to target in the campaign. However, what comes next? Here are three approaches that researched keywords are utilized:

To include into existing pages

Target keywords must be included naturally into current website content. SEO best practice is to do keyword research page by page, so that you own an approved list for each page of the website. These keywords must be found in the page’s URL, meta descriptions, title tag, heading tags, and within the rest of the page content.

Come Up with Blog Topic Ideas

Not all keywords that are researched are suitable to fit on the primary pages of the website, like the homepage as well as product or service pages. However, that does not imply that they don’t have any place to fit. A keyword research list is the ideal place to begin with regard to coming up with the blog topic ideas. Among the very tough parts of a blogging strategy is coming up with a strong stream of topics. The keyword list can assist alleviate the problem. Blogs are particularly the best place to target the long tail keywords as well as question type keywords. Each question can be transformed into a blog post that addresses the question, with the question serving as the title.

Use the list for link building research

Link building is different lengthy part of an SEO campaign. The quality of inbound links is very important than the links quality. And it can be tough to keep up to get quality link opportunities over time. The keyword list can be utilized when it is about to search for difference places that permit links. Usually, each keyword can be searched with terms like “write for”, “submit”, and so on.

Being one of the essential parts of SEO Service Singapore, Keyword research requires an ample of time, particularly for a larger website. It must be utilized throughout the SEO campaign, not only for the on-site optimization portion.

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